Rebecca Skinner


Languages Background

As a polyglot developer, I am comfortable working with a wide variety of languages, as well as picking up new languages as necessary to solve the problems at hand. I have experience with a wide variety of language paradigms, including extensive commercial experience working with functional and delarative languages, and developing embedded DSLs to solve business domain problems.

The languages I've been using the most recently are:

  • Haskell
  • Go
  • C
  • Ruby
  • Erlang

Technical Subdomains

I have experience working across a breadth of technical subdomains including:

  • Networking
  • Security
  • DevOps
  • Embedded Systems Development
  • Linux Kernel Development

Work History

Rackspace Hosting

Software Developer (IV) from 2017-10 -- Present

Key Skills

Data Science, Haskell, Go, Python, R, Hadoop, BigQuery

Key Achivements

At Rackspace I have worked with stakeholders to understand key maintenence and support costs across out product portfolio. Working with data scientists, support engineers, and executive teams, I have implemented tooling to identify and report on key factors contributing to support costs, customer satisfaction, and support engineer staffing requirements. My work has provided key insights into how to maintain steady linear growth in operational expenditures under expotential customer growth while maintaining fanatical customer experience.


As part of the rackspace private cloud ops-fabric team, I work with internal and external customers, executives, and manages across our organization to provide insights into key performance indicators, build observability systems, and

Asteris, LLC

Principal Software Architect from 2016-07 -- 2017-10

Sr. Software Developer from 2015-10 -- 2016-07

Camber Corporation

Lead Software Developer from 2011-06 -- 2015-10

Techguard Security, LLC

Sr. Software Developer from 2010-06 -- 2011-06

EADS North America DS3

Research Scientist, Team Lead from 2008-11 -- 2010-06

Cymtec Systems

Lead Software Developer fro 2007-05 -- 2008-10