About Me

I’ve been writing software professionally since 2006. Throughout my career I have worked across a number of languages, tech stacks, and business domains, as well as in several different roles. I do my best work as a hands-on technical leader and mentor where I can balance my time between solving important technical challenges with helping other members of my team grown in their own roles.

Technically speaking, I enjoy working with functional languages, especially haskell, and with lower level languages like C, Rust, and assembly. I’ve also spent a fair bit of time writing Go, Python, and Ruby. I like Nix, and I prefer to work with Linux as both a development platform and a deployment target. I enjoy thinking about things like security, networking, distributed systems, and how to build better abstractions over complex architectures and business domains.

Some Work I’ve done

I’m currently writing an introductory through intermediate level book on industrial haskell programming, Effective Haskell for Pragmatic Bookshelf. It should be available for early access in Q3 2021. I’m also currently serving a term on the Committee, and I volunteer on the community track for the Haskell Foundation.

Some of my career highlights include: